Akemi and Tsunagu/Connect

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Akemi features as an interview as part of the Tsunagu/Connect project. Tsunagu/Connect is a multi-phased, multi-year project that explores the lives of Japanese women living in the UK since 1945. Starting the spring of 2020, it has gathered oral histories … Read More

Remembering Akemi Tanaka

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“‘In Japan, when you turn 60, you are reborn.’ So Akemi Tanaka told us in 2019, when she not only celebrated her 60th birthday, but also got married and published her book The Power of Chōwa: Finding Your Balance Using … Read More

Shiori Ito’s Story

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The story of journalist and activist Shiori Ito is one close to Akemi’s heart. Journalist Shiori Ito was raped by a more senior member of her profession, as determined by the Civil Court in Tokyo on December 18, 2019. A symbolic figure for Women’s … Read More


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