The Power Of Chowa in Spain

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The Power Of Chowa has now been commissioned for a Spainish language edition.

The Spanish publishing company, Kitsune Books, invited me to Barcelona and Madrid from in February to promote the book.

I had many interviews including with Spanish national radio, newspapers, and magazines. Spanish people’s open nature and warm hearts made my interviews a pleasure. I found the level of interest many Spanish people have in Japanese culture quite surprising. As in other countries I have visited, younger people in particular are big fans of Japanese anime.

As well as meeting many lovely people, I had the pleasure of delicious Spanish food, particularly the tapas and pinchos in Barcelona – as with the Japanese, food is a very important part of life for the Spanish.

Finally, big thanks to Kitsune for inviting me and organising everything so well and thanks to my interpreter Lorena without whom I couldn’t have managed the interviews.