Akemi Tanaka is the daughter of an old samurai family and grew up immersed in the traditional arts and culture of Japan. Her name in Japanese means "Bright and beautiful".

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Akemi Tanaka has worked alongside a broad range of people and companies in the role of consultant. This includes many Japanese artists, academics and educators visiting the UK to carry out projects in this country. Her previous clients include Toshiba, NEC, JAL, JTB and Rothschild.

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Akemi can present a selection of activities related to Japanese culture. This includes discussions on Japanese etiquette, the Tea Ceremony, the kimono as well as a wide range of topics including the role of women in Japanese society and the roots of Shinto - Japan's traditional religion.

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Akemi Tanaka is a respected teacher of Japanese language, working with all levels of students from complete beginners, learning the basics, up to native speakers, polishing their keigo (formal spoken Japanese).

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Akemi regularly appears as a speaker at events and businesses to discuss a wide variety of topics. Her extensive knowledge of Japanese culture brings a fascinating insight to UK audiences on topics ranging from Japan's historical traditions through to modern Japanese culture.

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Akemi is happy to be involved in the planning and execution of your activities, including the design of special preparation courses and workshops in Japanese language and culture. If you are a school or society with an interest in organising a Japan Day, then Akemi can organise this for you.

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Japan Tours

Akemi leads study tours to Japan each spring and autumn. She also holds residential study retreats (called gashuku in Japanese) several times a year in different parts of the UK. These are a natural extension of her activities as a teacher and lecturer. It is Akemi’s aim to present authentic Japanese culture to British people in a fun and accessible manner.

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