Akemi Tanaka was frequently requested for commentary and insight on Japanese culture by a variety of TV, radio and press outlets.

Among her past activities, Akemi has dressed Kelly Osbourne in a kimono for a magazine photo shoot, appeared on both the BBC and Channel 4 as a speaker on Japanese culture, referred to for commentary on the 2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami tragedy and appeared as a guest on the BBC programme Antiques Roadshow.


The Independent: The Power Of Chowa

Akemi was spotlighted in The Independent for this special feature focussing on her book The Power Of Chowa.

Japan Tsunami/Earthquake 5th Anniversary

2016 saw the 5th Anniversary of the tragic events that struck Japan in 2011. As the founder of the charity Aid For Japan, Akemi featured in the press coverage of the anniversary. This included being interviewed for both The Guardian and The Telegraph as part of their features on the event.

The Guardian 10/03/16

The Telegraph 11/03/16

Akemi on BBC Radio London

Akemi on BBC Radio London discussing The Power Of Chowa.

Akemi’s interview is from 2:42:30 – 3:00:00.

Akemi on Channel 4

Akemi at Ascot.

Akemi on Channel 4

Akemi featured on the Channel 4 programme Collectors Lot to discuss her kimono collection.

The word “kimono”, which actually means a “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”), has come to denote these full-length robes. The kimono is always worn for important festivals or formal occasions. It is a formal style of clothing associated with politeness and good manners.

Akemi on BBC Radio 4

Akemi Tanaka was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 as part of a series on great artworks.

What would it be like to walk the streets of 17th century Kyoto? In this broadcast, Cathy FitzGerald explores a sumptuous pair of Japanese screens that depict the historic city in incredible detail.

Temples, shrines, castles, shops and homes – the image is crammed with tiny scenes. A man in a barber’s shop examines his new hair cut in a mirror. People peer down into the street to watch a parade pass. Weary pilgrims sit on a verandah, sharing fruit. Men and women of every age and every social class appear, more than 1,800 in all.

Cathy FitzGerald hears how these glittering screens – a genre known as ‘rakuchû rakugai-zu’ or ‘scenes in and around Kyoto’ – were made and what they tell us about everyday life in the 17th century Japanese city.

Aid For Japan on Japanese television

This presentation was broadcast on Japanese television and focused on Akemi Tanaka’s work with the Aid For Japan charity.

Akemi on BBC Radio 4

Akemi Tanaka was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the 2011 Japan Tragedy. Click on the logo to listen to her speak about the event (Akemi’s interview starts at 9:32 in this live program).

Akemi on BBC World News

Akemi Tanaka was interviewed on BBC World News on 20th June 2014. The topic was Japan’s new legislation criminalising the possession of child pornography, with the exception of Manga & Anime.