Doki Doki 2017

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Doki Doki is an annual Japanese cultural event held in Manchester. It’s an event that combines both traditional Japanese culture as well as anime, manga, music and cosplay.

This year, the event once again chose Aid For Japan (the charity that Akemi founded) as its charity of choice. Akemi Tanaka, alongside Misato Kishino and Richard Pennington, represented Aid For Japan at the event. This included manning a table at Doki Doki to promote the work of the charity. Misato helped to raise funds by writing people’s names in Japanese, while attendees were given information about Aid For Japan’s mission to help orphans of the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

Meanwhile, Akemi was also on hand to talk about Japanese culture. This included speaking on a panel with Sumie Kent, Angela Davies and Helena Gaudekova. Akemi also hosted a special talk on Bushido, the code of the Samurai, which touched on the class system that was present in Japan in that era – and also about the role women played in the country’s history.

One of the clothing specialists at Doki Doki was Genki Gear, who specialise in T-shirts that often use witty Japanese cultural elements and colourful characters. The official Convention T-shirt for Doki Doki featured the festival’s cute fox mascot with all profits from sales being donated to Aid for Japan

In addition to the funds raised by the Aid For Japan team and Genki Gear’s generous donation, Doki Doki also donated the proceeds from the event to the charity as well. In all, the charity raised nearly £1,000!

Many thanks to Doki Doki, Genki Gear and also all those who donated to Aid For Japan on the day.

You can still order the Genki Gear Doki Doki T-Shirt via this link.