Akemi in The Independent

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Akemi’s book The Power Of Chowa has been receiving a lot of attention recently, particularly with press coverage finding favour with the book’s approach to balance and harmony.

The Independent ran a special feature this week in which writer Christine Manby spoke glowingly of the book:

In The Power of Chowa Tanaka tackles sustainability, climate change and the #MeToo movement. She asks how we can bring about positive changes in our wider communities. And she walks the talk. In 2011, she was given a “Points of Light” award by the British government for her charity work in aid of the orphans of the 2011 tsunami. If you’re not ready to change the world, the chowa philosophy can be easily applied at home. Tanaka divides her exploration of chowa into three parts: finding your own balance, living in harmony with others, and balancing what’s most important.

The Independent: How to find balance with the ancient Japanese principle of chowa