Akemi at Doki Doki Festival 2017

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Akemi Tanaka will be a guest at the forthcoming Doki Doki Manchester Japanese Festival on the 11th November.

The organisers of the event have selected Aid For Japan as their charity of choice for this year’s festival.

Akemi Tanaka will be a guest at Doki Doki to talk about Aid For Japan. She will also be part of a panel (alongside Sumie Kent, Angela Davies and Helena Gaudekova) discussing aspects of traditional Japanese culture and also giving a lecture about bushido.

Genki Gear, producers of a range of T-Shirts popular at conventions, will also be producing a very special shirt for Doki Doki with proceeds going to Aid For Japan.

Doki Doki, which takes place on Saturday 11th November, will feature a wealth of events and guests which includes a furisode demonstration, martial arts display and cosplay competition.

The event will also be screening a series of Japanese films and anime titles. Music will also feature at the event in the form of enka singer Akari Mochizuki and a taiko performance from Thunderdrummers.

Doki Doki takes place on Saturday 11th November at Sugden Sports Centre, Manchester. Tickets from £10 via http://www.dokidokifestival.com/register