Akemi at Doki Doki 2019 Report

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This November saw the return of the annual Doki Doki (“heartbeat”) Japanese Culture Festival (http://www.dokidokifestival.com) in Manchester.

Once again, Doki Doki welcomed Akemi as a guest speaker – and also featured Aid For Japan as the event’s selected charity.

Akemi gave a talk about the charity and also took part in a panel answering the audiences questions about Japanese life and culture. It was also a good opportunity for Akemi to promote her new book The Power Of Chowa.

With events and vendors covering Japanese food, dance, music and martial arts, the two-day event was very well attended, many of the participants entering into the spirt of the event by wearing costumes of their favourite anime characters. 

Over £7,000 was raised by Doki Doki directly for Aid For Japan. Funds were also raised by Genki Gear, who donated sales of their Doki Doki T-shirts which raised £356.95 (shirts are still on sale via their website: https://genkigear.com) and also the Meian Maid Cafe who donated proceeds from their cafe event.

Our gratitude and thanks go to Doki Doki, Genki Gear and Meian Maid Cafe as well as all those who helped achieve this fantastic result.

The Genki Gear T-shirt is also still on sale via their website: https://genkigear.com.