Dr Kerry Elgie

“The session I attended was much appreciated and I would recommend anyone visiting Japan to attend, even if they are seasoned travelers”. “I had never been to Japan before and had no idea what to expect. Just learning from you … Read More

Chris Bradford, author of Young Samurai

“Dear Akemi, Thank you once again for a phenomenal trip to Japan. You did a fantastic job and organised so many wonderful things for me to do. I could not have asked for more. Highly recommended for anyone interested in … Read More

Mike Hopper

“Dear Akemi, I think I will be making a cultural tour of Japan every year with you, because I love the country, the people and the way of life so much. I especially enjoyed my stays with my host families … Read More

Olga Maguire

“Dear Akemi, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time I had in Japan. I still cannot believe that I actually was there only four months ago, as I cannot wait to go back. I have kept in … Read More

David Matcham

“if we did have some difficulties in communication and with some of the food it only added to the challenge and fun. A most enlightening and enjoyable trip”

“We had not considered a trip to Japan until hearing Akemi speak at our Rotary Club. We decided to join her group on the March 2005 visit and looked forward to seeing the cherry blossom, Mount Fuji, temples castles and … Read More


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