Akemi Tanaka is a respected teacher of Japanese language, working with all levels of students from complete beginners, learning the basics, up to native speakers, polishing their keigo (formal spoken Japanese).

She believes that it is essential for students of Japanese language to understand the underlying culture, so her lessons often include aspects of the arts and customs of traditional and modern Japan. This instruction is also available in the form of cultural workshops.

For many years, Akemi has taught Japanese courses at Ardingly College, Sussex, as well as other schools and universities in South East England. She also sets, vets and marks examinations in Japanese for diplomats and serves on the Japanese Language Committee of the Association for Language Learning. However, for most people viewing this web site, it is Akemi's private lessons and study retreats that are of most interest.

Japanese Cultural Lessons

Location: Croydon (close to Croydon station)
Type: Private lesson
Fee: £30 per hour/£40 hour and a half

Japanese Language For Beginners

Type: This course is an online course. You will be sent materials/details upon booking.
Fee: £30 per course

Please take time to review Akemi Tanaka's Terms And Conditions before booking classes.