Since 1992, Akemi Tanaka has been helping individuals and groups to undertake personal projects in or related to Japan.

She has also assisted many Japanese artists, academics and educators from Japan to visit the UK and carry out projects in this country. Her previous clients include Toshiba, NEC, JAL, JTB and Rothschild.

Through her network of contacts, Akemi has been able to find host families, guides and translators, and people willing to participate in projects. These human scale initiatives have often resulted in long-term collaborations between Japanese and British participants, as well as a useful and enjoyable exchange of ideas and skills.

From matters of protocol and etiquette for hosting visiting Japanese delegations, to the apparently mundane matters of how to arrange an after-meeting social event in Japan, Akemi has been able to successfully help British companies and government bodies.

Dr Kerry Elgie wrote the following about the assistance she received from Akemi:

“The session I attended was much appreciated and I would recommend anyone visiting Japan to attend, even if they are seasoned travellers”.

“I had never been to Japan before and had no idea what to expect. Just learning from you made me relax so much. The small amount of vocabulary you taught us came in really useful, as did how to bow properly and accept and give your business card. All in all, the seminar was absolutely fabulous, well targeted and informative”.

“I would also strongly recommend the services that you offer once you arrive in Japan. Without that initially, life would have been far more difficult. I strongly advise, for peace of mind and relaxation, that people accept your Japanese host tours and help. I only wish I’d attended something similar for my visit to India as I’m a little lost at the moment”.

Akemi is happy to be involved in the planning and execution of your activities, including the design of special preparation courses and workshops in the pertinent aspects of Japanese language and culture, gathering and organising appropriate Japanese people for your activity team, and taking part in the final professional and social situations as an expert in keigo (formal Japanese) and someone with many years of experience in Japanese business, arts, diplomatic, political and social circles.

If your are a school or society with an interest in organising a Japan Day, then Akemi can organise this for you.

One-to-One Consultations

If you are planning a trip to Japan, Akemi can offer you the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice via a Skype video call.

I would like to do Skype consultation for private trip to Japan.
30 minutes - £25
1 hour - £45

To book a consultation, please contact Akemi via with your name, email and Skype address. She will then email you with payment details and arrange a convenient time for the call.