Akemi Tanaka offers a broad selection of services with knowledge and skills acquired through many years of working with people, companies and events.

She has worked in the role of a consultant as well as offered advice to a variety of outfits keen to get expert advice on Japanese language and culture. Akemi's clients have included Toshiba, NEC, JAL, JTB and Rothschild.

Among Akemi's talents is an ability to demonstrate aspects of traditional Japanese culture in a way that is both fun and informative. This includes presentations on Japanese etiquette, the Tea Ceremony and dressing in the traditional Japanese clothing of the kimono.

Akemi also regularly appears as a speaker at events and businesses to discuss a wide variety of topics. Her extensive knowledge of Japanese culture brings a fascinating insight to UK audiences on topics ranging from Japan's historical traditions through to modern Japanese culture.

Working alongside schools and colleges, Akemi has also been responsible for the planning of special workshops in Japanese language and culture. If you are a school or society with an interest in organising a Japan Day, then Akemi can help organise this for you.